Quickbooks, Really?

Yes Quickbooks! I felt compelled to write this after I got a call from a client wanting to switch from Quickbooks to SAGE 100. Not that there’s anything wrong with SAGE 100, i actually love the product, it’s that the client only has 3 users! I begged that before they pull the trigger they should call me to discuss the issues they had using Quickbooks.


Moving to a more sophisticated piece of software means more maintenance, and what you think you may save in automation actually cost you more in maintenance. Imagine a small machine, easy to use and maintain and produces quality goods. Now imagine a larger machine that can produce 20 times that of the smaller one, it constantly needs to be maintained and watched because of the amount of moving parts it has. Similarly Sage 100 while it can do the job of many, it needs to be watched and maintained to make sure data is being inputted correctly. That type of oversight for a small business would be counter productive. Quickbooks, obviously requires you to do the same, but because of its simplicity it has a narrower possibility for error.

Starting a new business likely means you’ll be starting with Quickbooks anyway, but just an FYI. Sage makes Sage 50 also (formerly Peach Tree) which is an equally great and low cost system. It’s only that Quickbooks is the more popular name.

So after more discussion we managed to work out many of the issues that the client had. But what i thought was so obvious to manufacturers, wasn’t and so heres the shortlist of what we covered and what satisfied their needs. (Most of these features are not available in Quickbooks Pro, you will need Premier)
Production Cycle- Sales Order (Customer PO) > Purchase Order > Receive Voucher > Invoice or Inventory . All neatly handled and reported on by Quickbooks

Produce Vendor PO’s based on Sales Orders or inventory buys.

Inventory Management and Reporting – Accept goods from received Purchase Orders into your inventory. Calculate your On-Hand, On-Sales Order and In-Production quantities with simple preprogrammed customizable reports.

Email Everything- Email invoices, statements, purchase orders all directly from Quickbooks

Export Anything! For EDI, Warehouse Processing and Factor Collections- One of the greatest things Quickbooks added in 2006, was the ability to export data. Though you do need third party utilities to do it, they are usually inexpensive.

With these features, a business can run fulfillment cycles from order to production, with live inventory and production tracking all within a simple easy-to-use piece of software. The next challenge to overcome is recognizing when to upgrade. Luckily SHAPE will be there to make those recommendations and draw the comparisons when then time comes.

Albert Bunick

albertb at shapeint dot com

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