Rethinking Consumer Design Capabilities

Adobe, the once design powerhouse, overshadowed by new consumer design tech?

Are Consumer Design Platforms Evolving?

The go-to design platform for digital and video editing, while still relevant and ever expanding, faces new technologies bringing consumers better access to creativity. Could Microsoft’s Surface Studio be the alternative to Adobe’s professional design studio? Will modular hardware attract wider audiences than ‘design professionals’?

Windows 10 Photo App

If you’re running Windows 10 you may have noticed their new, more robust photo editing app. Though it may not be comparable to a full design suit, Microsoft’s new look brings key editing features to users, in addition to an array of sharing and storage modules with the help of Cortana, the Windows virtual assistant. Take a look at the highlights at PCMag.

Adjustable Hardware

Microsoft is complimenting their software enhancements with new I/O devices, as well. The $100 Surface dial boasts unique features which allow users to integrate with their software in ways legacy devices aren’t able and is compatible with the Surface Pro 3, 4 and Surface Book. The device will likely hit the market with the Surface Studio next year.


While larger platforms, such as Adobe and Wacom, will likely retain their respective industry positions, Microsoft is answering consumer demands rather than guiding as the design of modular technologies start to take hold.

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