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Quickbooks, Really?

Yes Quickbooks! I felt compelled to write this after I got a call from a client wanting to switch from Quickbooks to SAGE 100. Not that there’s anything wrong with SAGE 100, i actually love the product, it’s that the client only has 3 users! I begged that before they pull the trigger they should call me to discuss the issues they had using Quickbooks.


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SECURITY ADVISORY: Phishing Scam Targeting Business Users, Important Please Read

Several users have received calls from anonymous individuals posing as technical support. It has been ascertained that these individuals are requesting security information and/or instructing users to log into their “remote servers” in order to receive “computer maintenance.”

Furthermore, several users have received pop-up notifications on their computers that state “your computer has a virus, please call this number to have it removed.” The number claims to represent a “technical support team.” Should you receive this pop-up, DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER, and report it to us immediately. Some screenshots of the message are attached.

Please be aware that THESE CALLERS ARE IMPOSTORS, participants in a phishing-scam with the intention of stealing valuable information and data from companies by installing malicious software/viruses on their users’ computers and servers.

If you have received one of the aforementioned pop-up notifications, please call us immediately as your computer may be infected with malicious software.

Should you receive a call from a different number and/or blocked number in which the caller is offering IT support, please hang up immediately and report the incident to us.





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Google Apps- Not Google Apps vs Office 365 (I’ll let you decide)

Hello all and welcome, this is our first, of hopefully many future posts. So without further ado…

Google’s impressive platform that I’m sure most have heard about, Google Apps (for Work), is nothing short of amazing. As Im frequently caught saying, it’s like someone took Microsoft Word and Excel and rebuilt it from the ground up, just organized and with better features. Packaged together with email(Gmail), cloud storage (Drive)and other features like Single Sign On(keep reading) and instant messaging (Hangouts), its quite appealing at a $5 a month price point per each user.


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