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What’s that New Chip on My Credit Card?

Many of you may have noticed that you’ve been receiving replacement credit cards over the last few months. Anyone wondering why? Although the credit card numbers match up, there is one difference, it’s at the top right of the new card and resembles your mobile phone’s SIM card, it’s called the EMV chip.

The EMV chip is named after its developers – Europay, MasterCard and Visa. It’s purpose is to phase out “swiping” when paying at the register and increasing security of the cardholders information. Beginning in October, merchants will be required to upgrade their credit card machines to allow consumers to dip their card into the EMV slot to pay. This technology is already implemented in Europe and Canada, and credit card fraud has dramatically declined since.


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What’s all the Ruckus, Wireless?

Over the past few years, wifi has been evolving from a luxury to a heavily relied on resource. And demand is growing! With that being said, it’s vital to deploy a reliable solution that meets the size and usage of your environment. An unplanned access point deployment will no longer meet your wifi needs. In fact, it may even congest your network and cause more issues.


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